Today, many businesses choose to use rooftop electricity in trade and production because of the enormous benefits. However, not all companies can meet the conditions to buy electricity directly from the roof without going through EVN.

Benefits of buying rooftop electricity directly from solar power investors without going through EVN

One of the top benefits that make businesses turn to rooftop electricity is that when buying electricity directly from customers’ rooftop power projects, the electricity buyer will enjoy an incredibly competitive price. At the same time, they make adjustments to suit that customer’s needs.

In addition, when purchasing electricity, the enterprise can negotiate on the electricity purchase price and enjoy a fixed electricity price agreed by the two parties throughout the contract term. Businesses are also guaranteed a long-term energy supply without bearing the risks of future energy costs, significantly when retail electricity prices increase.

In addition, the purchase of rooftop electricity also helps businesses cut power losses during the process of transmitting EVN’s electricity to the internal power system, saving a significant amount of costs.

Those who can buy electricity directly from the roof without going through EVN

Have a large enough roof area to invest in a solar power system

First, the unit that wants to buy roof electricity directly without going through EVN must meet the requirements for the roof area. The roof area must be large enough for the investor to efficiently install and operate the solar power system.

For Sun-Times, the minimum roof area required to install solar power is 3000 m2.

There is a level of electricity usage that meets the amount of electricity produced by the system

Rooftop solar power system investors aim to sell electricity to power users below the system. Therefore, the electricity usage level of the electricity buyer must meet the amount of electricity produced by the system. This is stipulated in the power purchase and sale contracts between the roof power system investor and the power purchaser.

For Sun-Times, the electricity buyer must use at least 80% of the electricity produced by the system.

The unit that invests in selling electricity must satisfy all legal conditions to sell electricity to organizations and individuals

Clauses 1 & 3, Article 8 of the Prime Minister’s Decision 13/2020/QD-TTG dated April 6, 2020 on the mechanism to encourage the development of solar power in Vietnam stipulates: “Rooftop solar power systems are allowed to sell part or all of the generated electricity to the buyer being the Vietnam Electricity Group or the buyer being another organization or individual in case not used Electricity of Vietnam Electricity Group’s grid.” “In case the Buyer is not Vietnam Electricity or an authorized member unit, the electricity purchase price and the power purchase contract shall be agreed upon by the parties by current law.”

Electricity users can rest assured to buy back electricity produced by the roof power system following the law for systems that fully meet the legal requirements by current regulations. The legal provisions relating to specific roof voltage systems:

  • Solar power system fitted with photovoltaic panels on the roof with a capacity of not more than 01 MW. Directly or indirectly connected to the power grid with a voltage level 35 kV or less of the national grid. It invested and developed after registering for connection with the Electricity of Vietnam or a member unit authorized by the Electricity of Vietnam.
  • Rooftop solar power systems must have an efficiency of solar cells more significant than 16% or modules greater than 15%.
  • According to current regulations, organizations and individuals investing in installing rooftop solar power systems must ensure electrical safety, construction safety, environment, fire prevention, and fighting.
  • Contents of essential design documents of a solar power project must comply with current law regulations. Including Area characteristics, solar radiation potential of the project; Assessing the influence of the solar power project connection plan on the safe and stable operation of the power system in the region; Design, connecting SCADA systems or dispatch information.

Above is the specific information about the subjects who can buy electricity directly from the roof without going through EVN. If you have any questions or need more detailed advice, please contact Sun-Times immediately for the fastest and most dedicated support.


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