Solar power investment is the attractive investing tendency these years. To catch up the waves, many businesses and individuals have the intention and have deployed their own solar power projects. The rumors said that investing in this limitless energy source is beneficial and effective, really was it? The following article will help you get your own answer.

1. Investors’ concerns about issues of solar power investment

Before any decision, humans always tend to think and learn about the issues of it, so does investing in solar power. For a business owner, the installation cost is what they are especially concerned about: What they are wondering is how much the investment costs and will it exceed the allowed budget?

The output power is also a factor to put on the scale. Once investors pay for the installation of the rooftop solar systems, they do want to know exactly how the earned profit (output power) could satisfy the need and even more.

They sure want to know how durable the rooftop solar systems are. Once they are installed, how long are their lives?

Besides, the government’s preferential policies for development of solar power are the key issues. The support from the government’s encouraging policies and development orientation will certainly create many advantages and peace of mind for investors when investing in solar power.

With all these questions, let’s explore the content below to find out are the benefits of solar power compensate for the risks and is it worth investing?

2. Solar power investment is a beneficial channel

Rooftop solar energy systems are easy to install

First, the installation process will be easy by experienced contractors. The standard materials and equipment are planned and installed safely, quickly and bring high efficiency for the business.

Rooftop solar panels have low maintenance cost

Rooftop solar systems are produced with premium materials therefore lowering the damage risk. This will save repair, maintenance cost and even working time for investors.

If there are any issues, investors can be sure it will be an easy fix and not much they have to pay.

Investment in solar power significantly reduce electricity cost for business

Rooftop solar panels can generate power for production, business. Having these installed, investors get an unlimited power source to lower pressure on their finances.

The reason is factory machines and inhouse equipment will prioritize using the generated electricity from the rooftop solar systems instead of the EVN power grid.

Earnings from solar power

The side benefit of installed rooftop solar power is the excess electricity is generated. Investors can sell to EVN with a long term sale contract for a stable income.

Preferential policies of The Vietnam Government

The Vietnam Government has encouraged developing many renewable power sources including solar energy. Investors can sell electricity, protect the environment and sustainable development is a top priority.

The preferential policies about solar power purchase agreement between investors and EVN, which can last up to 20 years under FIT price mechanism. At the same time, these are promoting the driving force for investors to feel secure in developing solar power projects.

Environmental protection of solar power systems

Installing an energy system is a way to protect the ecological environment. The generated solar power will help minimize the amount of CO2 emitted into the environment by using renewable energy sources. This will replace fossil energy sources, which cause environmental pollution through the generation of billions of tons of CO2 annually, causing the greenhouse effect, increasing the radioactive force.

Along with that, the energy battery system installed on the roof helps to reduce the heat for the roof, reduce the power consumption of the air conditioner, thereby saving electricity and limiting CO2 emissions to the outside.

Install a rooftop solar system to increase aesthetics

The roof of business is not only protected by rooftop solar systems, but it can also increase the aesthetics and value. Factories with rooftop solar panels surely attract many investments.

3. Sun Times – the high reputation and professional contractor in solar energy

Investors who intend to have a solar power system on their roof should start choosing the best and reputable partner in this field and Sun Times is surely an excellent choice.

We Sun Times have a long history in the field of providing solutions for solar panels. Sun Times is a company with a long history in the field of providing solutions for solar panels. With all the work processes and team of experts to meet the technical requirements, safety and quality, we always bring our customers the best interests of the power system perfectly.

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