Sun Times is one of the most prestigious and professional partners to support investors in the construction and operation of clean energy systems, solar power systems. So what practical benefits does Sun Times bring to its investment partners when implementing solar power projects? Let’s learn more through the article below.

1. Sun Times – Reliable Partner

Sun Times was founded with the vision “To become a top multi-service corporation in the renewable energy industry”, to push the development of renewable energy. We provide our customers the investment to resolve 100% of the power system, so they can buy electricity with a preferential price.

To do that, Sun Times has accumulated rich working experience in the solar power industry, as well as owns a team of professional staff that can satisfy major customers and partners.

Besides, Sun Times always chooses solar project equipment from the world’s best manufacturers (Top 5 according to Bloomberg). They also meet the international standards to build constructions with high safety and aesthetics. The solar power projects built by Sun Times are operated and monitored under ISO 9001:2015, 45001-2018.

Thanks to that Sun Times has built many constructions with high standards in terms of engineering, technology and safety. We have concreted our reputable foundation in the hearts of many customers and partners.

2. Sun Times is bringing a well potential opportunity

With the support of new mechanisms from the government for rooftop solar power business, solar power projects become more effective and bring more benefits to investors as well as our partners.

In our era, solar power is becoming a tendency which is strongly developing and well researched in science as well as management models. Solar power investment partners with Sun Times will not need to worry about inadequacies arising during construction or operation of solar power projects.

For large capacity solar power projects, choosing Sun Times as EPC main contractor is an excellent choice for investors to have both quality and efficiency. For rooftop solar power rental projects, customers can be completely assured of the safety during the construction process, without affecting the commercial and production process. They can significantly reduce input cost when buying used electricity at a cheaper price than EVN from Sun Times.

3. The main benefits of cooperating with Sun Times

Electricity buyer of solar power projects

By cooperating with Sun Times, customers can buy electricity from solar power systems with 10% less price compared to EVN. This expense can be a noticeable number, especially with businesses who are highly electric consumed in production and commercial.

Customers buying electricity from Sun Times will not only have to pay any expense for designing, operating the solar power system, but also taking benefit from low electricity prices.

Consultant and designer of solar power projects

Sun Times will help customers analyze, calculate and choose the most effective installation plan for the solar power system. The solar projects designed and consulted by us will meet the requirements for capacity, efficiency and quality of equipment. Furthermore they also have aesthetics, harmonizing with the surrounding landscape.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) partner

Properly maintaining the solar panels will optimize the efficiency and life of the solar power systems. Sun Times provides partners with professional solutions for maintenance of solar power systems, including monitoring, proactive fault detection, troubleshooting and system cleaning.

Partner for EPC projects

Investors have many strict requirements while choosing the main EPC contractor. Sun Times is one of the big, high reputation, experienced contractors. We have capacity and can meet the expectations of the investors for the project’s quality and efficiency.

We have an experienced team of engineers, who have implemented many projects. We have ensured the safety, quality and standards of the solar power projects, from products to equipment, design, construction and also, operation.

As the time goes, Sun Times has developed many projects with different capacities in the role of EPC. Investors can refer to some specific projects such as: Phu My Fertilizer Project, Ngan Nga Hoang Phat – Nam Tan Uyen project, Viet Tien Dong A project…

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