• Cooperate with professional investors, ensure efficiency
  • Diversified methods of cooperation in accordance with the requirements and desires of customers
  • Commitment to project progress
  • Maintain the system regularly


Do not affect the operation of the plant during the construction period

  • Safety
  • Designed according to the international standard of solar energy, ensuring the system to operate safety.
  • Ensuring the construction and installation of occupational safety to meet the requirements of customers.
  • Product Quality
  • Solar panel: top 10 brands according to Bloomberg
  • Inverter: top 5 brands according to Bloomberg
  • Frame trusses, supports: aluminum material, galvanized steel, depending on each project, suitable to the climate of each region, committing to fully meeting IEC electrical engineering safety standards
  • Ensuring that the power quality meets EVN requirements
  • Make sure the system works stably

Benefits From Solar System 

  • Reduce the temperature of the factory
  • Increasing the life of roof
  • Reduce line losses
  • Increase the stability of the electrical system, the plant’s equipment life
  • CO2 Credit
  • Increase the brand value of the business


  1. Prestige: Acknowledged through many construction projects
  2. Quality: Sun Times attaches special importance to the output quality of the system, ensuring that the amount of power can meet the needs of the business promptly.
  3. Service: Customer care and professional maintenance of the system
  4. Construction safety: we ensure the construction process at the factory takes place absolutely safe from people to equipment.
  5. Experience: Sun Times has many experiences in rooftop solar PV projects, so customers are extremely assured when cooperating with us.
  6. Work progress: Fast construction, on schedule to contribute to reduce electricity costs of customers.