Saving power, saving production costs is one of the issues that businesses are most concerned about today. Understanding that, Sun Times as an investor will support and provide solar power solutions to help businesses save operating and production costs in the most optimal way.

1. Purchasing solar power from Sun Times really saves costs?

Sun Times invests and installs the rooftop solar system over the factory’s roof. These solar panels will absorb the sunshine energy and convert into DC electricity. Next, DC electricity will be converted to AC by the inverter, the AC connected to the grid to provide electricity for equipment used in the home or in factories of enterprises.

By investing into the solar power production system, Sun Times helps customers use cheaper electricity than buying from EVN at the 10% lower price. This would save a lot of money.

Moreover, buying electricity directly from Sun Times helps reduce the power loss by transmission from the grid to your power system. The amount of power lost due to the transmission of electricity is very small, almost non-existent.

So to say, the installation and using the solar power system or purchase directly from Sun Times will not only save a lot of money, but also ensure the power stability for huge power consumers like commercial and production businesses.

2. The main benefits of purchasing solar power from Sun Times

Nowadays, switching to solar power to protect the environment has been widely applied by many countries. Developed nations such as the USA, Germany, Japan,… have been building policies to support the development of solar power in production and home use.

Solar energy is one of the renewable power sources that can replace fossil energy. There is no negative effect on the environment while producing solar power. This is the key value for enterprises with green branding products.

The solar power system of Sun Times uses long-life and high capacity panels. Customers can be assured using with no worries of frequent replacement or maintenance, which power cut may lead to production stop.

In addition, using solar power can also be a branding strategy, increasing export advantage by receiving CERs from international organizations.

3. Sun Times – the reputable solar power investor in Vietnam

  • Sun Times is the pioneer in solar energy industry

Sun Times was founded in 2017 originally from MT CORP, specialized in supplying and installing energy projects for the oil industry. We are mainly working in the solar energy industry and bringing solutions such as solar power installment, renewable energy and environmental protection.

We Sun Times proudly have many experiences and achievements in projects from big to small. Many customers have come to us to seek our consultation and solutions for saving energy in their businesses.


  • An Ngai Industrial Complex Project

Customer: Tan Phuoc Thinh Investment And Construction Joint Stock Company.

Location: Ba Ria Vung Tau Province.

Capacity: 6,979.4 KWP.

Year 2020.

  • Ngan Nga Hoang Phat – Nam Tan Uyen Project

Location: Binh Duong Province.

Capacity: 1,634.04 KWP.

Year: 2020.

  • Chon Thanh Project

Location: Binh Phuoc Province.

Capacity: 9,515.8 KWP.

Year: 2020.

  • Radial Casumina Factory Project

Customer: The Southern Rubber Industry Joint Stock Company.

Location: Binh  Duong Province.

Capacity: 4 MWP.

Year: 2020.

  • Viet Tien Dong A Project

Location: Dong Nai Province.

Capacity: 1,153.4 KWP.

Year: 2020

  • Why should customers who want to save costs choose Sun Times?

Large scale rooftop solar power system of Sun Times can provide safety and quality energy sources at a reasonable price. Customers who need to save power costs for their company should concern Sun Times as their perfect choice. Our electricity sale price is less than EVN by 10%.

Besides, choosing a partner in prestige to provide clean power and save costs is the first consideration of businesses. Sun Times has an experienced and skilled team through many projects to quickly install and operate, minimizing the negative effect on commercial and production. We are committed to giving your business an optimal solution and saving your production costs.

Thanks to the good and highly qualified technicians who meet the safety and quality requirements, Sun Times’ electrical system is extremely modern, generating electricity efficiency at the maximum level. Therefore, when electricity is supplied to customers, it will help the enterprise’s power system be secure, stable, and limit electrical risks.

In addition, for customers to decide to choose themselves as a supplier of energy saving solutions, Sun Times also has an extremely professional working process under the ISO 9001:2015 system. Customers who cooperate to buy electricity at Sun Times will experience satisfaction from the process, the policies as well as knowing their rights in the contract.

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