Good solar companies with high reputation, good quality products in terms of technical and safety always are the target for customers. How to evaluate a reliable solar company? Which criteria to choose? Let’s explore this following article to find out.

1. Good solar company has reputation, profession and experience

The capacity and experience is one of key factors for customers to choose to cooperate in the list of solar energy companies. Choosing an experienced solar company will help businesses optimize and save a large amount of investment costs.

When customers choose to cooperate with a reputable solar company, the installed product has outstanding efficiency, ensuring a stable and long-term supply of electricity.

For those customers are workshops, factories, commercial centers, … especially those customers with manufacturing operations during the installation of solar power. Then, choosing a solar power company with a professional construction team will ensure that it does not affect the business and production activities of the business.

Finally, a good, experienced solar installation company will know how to solve arising problems quickly and with least impact.

2. Solar company has global technique, reliable products

A solar power company has reliable products and modern solar power techniques will be highly evaluated. The quality of the components is the most important factor, it affects the whole project. So the main components such as solar panels and inverters are particularly focused on quality.

High quality solar batteries and inverters will provide the best electricity power. Customers should pay attention to those solar companies who have high reputation, providing solar systems with quality components. Therefore the cooperation would bring back benefits and efficiency for the business.

The good quality solar power system that meets technical requirements when connected to the national grid will bring long-term benefits to business.

Sun Times provides the top 10 brands of solar panels and top 5 inverters as assessed and recommended by Bloomberg.

Sun Times also owns the technology of trusses, racks made from raw materials, sturdy materials such as aluminum, galvanized steel, … depending on each project, suitable for the climate of each region, committed to fully meet IEC electrical safety standards.

3. Solar company that has emergency support service whenever customers need it

The unpredicted situation can happen anytime and we are well aware of that. The emergency support service is a very important criteria when investors choose a solar power partner.

A well-prepared and professional solar company sure owns a team of engineers and experienced technicians. Whenever there is a problem, there are pros coming to solve it.

The faster our technicians solve the problem, the less customers lose time and money. In examples, we Sun Times have experience and reputation built through many projects from big to small. Sun Times has standardized the procedure, the quality of our technicians and equipment, to make sure our customers enjoy the best benefit while using the solar power system.

4. Businesses should choose clean and honest solar company to cooperate

A solar company where you put your trust is not only good at services, products but also clean and honest in working projects. Customers should pay attention to terms and conditions in the contract to have the wise choice when investing.

By learning the terms and conditions, well knowing the solar company, customers will have the overall view over the projects, the cost and also the goal benefits.

When choosing a reliable solar energy company, it will clearly help businesses calculate and prevent costs incurred. From there, take the initiative in controlling capital and minimizing losses and risks to the lowest level.

Investors can refer to the working process of Sun Times company, with a reputation established through many large and small solar power projects and with a clear and professional working process. All information about the project, investment costs, techniques, … will be sent to customers by Sun Times in the most detailed way.

5. Solar company that has O&M service for solar power

O&M stands for Operation & Maintenance, which means this is the service of operating, monitoring and maintaining the solar system. Its core value is to make sure the project works well and customers can rest on it.

One of the criteria to evaluate a reliable solar company is whether it has the O&M service or not. Every single solar power project needs the O&M service to operate properly in the long term. 

The O&M service includes maintenance, cleaning solar panels, schedule checking up… to reduce the risks to the lowest level. Therefore they lengthen the working time and also the lifetime of the whole system, making more profit for customers.

Customers can refer to a number of solar power projects Sun Times has been operating such as:

  • Radial Casumina Factory project
    • Client: Công Ty Cổ Phần Công nghiệp Cao Su Miền Nam
    • Location: Tỉnh Bình Dương
    • Capacity: 4 MWP.
    • Year: 2020.
  • Nong San DK – Project Or Agriculture
    • Location: Bình Dương Province
    • Capacity: 1,1915,7 KWP.
    • Year: 2020.

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