Solar energy is highly valued and could be the power supply solution for humanity in the present and upcoming future. The solar energy system brings plenty of noticeable values, which is helpful for daily life, production and business.

1. The wonderful value from installing grid-connect solar power

  • Saving energy cost by installing a rooftop solar power system

When installing a grid-connected solar power system, businesses may save up to 100% energy consumption in their production. The main reason is that machines and equipment will prioritize using solar power first.

Therefore, while the system is working correctly, the energy it generates will be capable of fulfilling production’s needs. This will reduce the running costs and improve profit margins.

  • Grid-connected solar power creates a new source of income

Beside the main goal of saving production costs, the investment of grid-connected solar energy also creates a new source of income for individuals and businesses. The excess power can be sold to EVN through the grid. When the investment works properly, individuals/ businesses will have a new, long term and stable source of income.

  • Installing grid-connected solar power system is the true investment for future

The grid-connected solar power system is well examined and installed with high quality equipment and materials and will have a life of over 25 years.

Under many preferential policies of The Government for the investment of grid-connected solar power, investors only take 5-7 years to pay back. Therefore, it is very reasonable to spend less at the beginning and enjoy the benefits in the long run.

  • Investment in grid-connected solar power is contributing to social responsibility

The rooftop solar power system installed on factories and houses will absorb the heat from sunlight to effectively cool the building underneath. This also reduces part of the capacity of air conditioners and reduces CO2 emissions into the environment.

Solar energy is a limitless renewable power source and eco-friendly. The grid-connected solar power system uses highly durable and long-life solar panels to minimize the amount of waste released into the environment.

So to say, investing in grid-connected solar power not only brings economic value but also helps businesses protect the environment, contribute social responsibility, and increase the brand’s reputation.

  • Reduce power load pressure on the national grid

The development of society leads to an increasing demand for electricity. However, EVN is currently facing the depletion of electricity generating resources such as water, coal etc. The coming years may not have enough electricity to supply the people. Therefore, the government encourages the private sector to invest in solar energy, contributing to reducing the pressure on the national grid.

  • Grid-connected solar power increases construction aesthetic

The investment to install rooftop solar power or lease the roof for grid-connected solar power surely brings many benefits to individuals and businesses. The rooftop solar system covers the roof from sunlight and rain, strengthening the whole construction’s durability.

2. Sun Times – The best solution provider for grid-connected solar power

To be able to receive the benefits that a grid-tied solar power system brings, investors need to choose for their business a reputable construction and installation unit. Sun Times will be the perfect choice for your business with many of the following advantages:

  • Sun Times has a lot of experiences in solar power industry through years

Sun Times is well known as a high reputation consultant, high quality contractor in the solar energy industry. We have years of experience in giving solutions for eco-friendly, clean, renewable energy such as installing solar power projects.

With all these advantages, Sun Times surely brings to customers the best choices and solutions, creating the most values for their investments.

  • We have successfully done many solar power projects from big to small

Your projects will be run and monitored carefully from our staff. By having successfully done many projects, we are experienced in solving problems. Customers can expect Sun Times to be a trustful partner in your investment.

Besides, Sun Times has ISO 9001:2015 quality management system to build professional working procedures, high quality from start until the end of the project.

In particular, coming to Sun Times grid-connected solar power supply company, customers receive dedicated service and advice from a team of well-trained professionals.

At Sun Times, a team of professionals with extensive experience and high qualifications in project management will certainly help customers make reasonable choices and solutions, reaching the highest quality in their projects.

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