SUN TIMES ENERGY JOINT STOCK COMPANY established in 2017, comes from MT CORP Group_the leading unit in Vietnam specializing in supplying and executing energy projects in the oil and gas industry. Sun Times operates mainly in the fields of investment in solar energy projects, supplying solar power materials, general project contractor, maintenance and maintenance of solar power systems.

With the business motto of bringing customers the best solution and achieving the highest satisfaction, Sun Times always selects the world’s leading product suppliers, meeting international quality standards. At the same time, operating the quality management system ISO 9001: 2018, 45001 together with a team of professional and experienced human resources, Sun Times constantly improves and improves the quality of products and services. Ensure to bring to customers projects that meet high technical, technological and safety requirements.

Energy is the beginning for the growth and development of all socio-economic professions. In the current situation, traditional energy sources are gradually being exhausted and having negative impacts on the environment, finding and taking advantage of natural alternative energy sources is a common trend of the world. As we know Vietnam is a country with a long coastline, favorable windy climate, has many advantages in Renewable Energy in general and Solar Energy in particular. Currently, along with the strong development of the economy, the demand for energy in Vietnam is increasing. The government has launched many policies to promote energy supplies for the coming years, of which the development of solar power is one of the top priorities and there are policies to support the development. Specifically. The fact that solar power output has grown 400 times in 2018 and 2019 alone makes Vietnam a regional solar power powerhouse.                  

Born with the mission of “Promoting the development of renewable energy” Sun Times has gradually affirmed its position in the hearts of customers in recent years, especially in 2020, has developed many power projects. The number of rooftop solar panels in Vietnam, with a capacity of nearly 50 Mwp, partially solves the electricity shortage concerns of governments and businesses, makes the difference from product quality to global service standards, providing solutions for the optimal solution for the energy shortage problem with high, long-term and sustainable economic value, thereby contributing to reducing production and business costs, improving the green value of the brand and the competitiveness of enterprise. At the same time, Sun Times constantly improves and improves service quality, technology with a commitment to bringing the best standard system, along with optimal performance from design, aesthetics, safe construction, quick installation … Sun Times always installs Customer care services, system maintenance is the focus for customers to be completely secure with our energy saving solution. . In addition to its long-term and sustainable financial values, Rooftop Solar Power also contributes to reducing C02 emissions, saving national resources. Since then, together with our Partners and Customers, Sun Times has demonstrated its responsibility for the environment and improved the quality of life in the community.



Becoming a leading multi-service corporation in the renewable energy market in Vietnam bring the highest efficiency to partners


Promote the development of renewable energy

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HUMANS are the foundation of the organization

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“2020 is a difficult year for the world economy due to the impact of the Covid 19 epidemic, all industries are affected more or less, and the Sun Times is no exception, but by all solidarity. The efforts of all Suntimes company staff, I appreciate your capacity in recent years has made very good progress, nearly 50 Mwp has been successfully completed in 2020. Receiving that success is also thanks to the trust of our customers for our company, the internal cooperation of human in the organization, I would like to thank you for your trust and cooperation. In recent years, stepping through 2021, inheriting the progress of 2020 Sun Times is committed to bringing higher benefits to customers and partners, bringing a professional working environment for all employees. tablets. Thanks, again!”


Tan Minh Vo

Founder of Sun Times